Andy Coco

Andy Coco is a Southern-rooted Enneagram One (with a mighty Two wing) living in Boulder, Colorado. Coming from a long line of fierce independent women who harbor status quo disruptive tendencies, Andy developed concerns about social justice early on as a queer youngin'. Andy attended Tulane University and CU Boulder at which they learned too much/ not enough about dissecting and dismantling systematic oppression from individual to macro levels. They worked inside and outside the University setting for several feminist and LGBTQ orgs to put their fire to use. Since graduating in 2008 with a degree in Sociology and a passion for privilege analysis, they have worked as a jack of many trades at Emergency Family Assistance Association. Andy is particularly passionate about immigrant rights, aging issues, and being of service to cultivation of safer spaces and increased visibility. Andy is thrilled to be formally part of SOL because they believe in the power of building community through these individual behavioral actions held all at once: nobility, humility and accountability. Andy enjoys ties, plant-based treats, and several critters.

Anna Lee

Anna Lee is originally from Taiwan. She moved to Colorado when she was 14 years old. She attended the University of Denver (DU), where she studied International Studies with concentrations in Global Political Economy and Human Rights. During her time at DU, she was the vice-president of Queer Straight Alliance also an advocate for the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Advocate Network. In 2008, she interned with SOL for resource planning, and subsequently gained over four years of experience in hotline advocacy. During her free time Anna enjoys cycling, being outdoor and explore cooking different cuisines. Anna can be reached at

Hana Low

Californian-turned-Coloradan Hana Low learned of CAVP through another queer vegan. From the start, Hana felt encouraged to bring multiple aspects of their identity to liberation work, including the non-human anti-violence advocacy they were already doing. A self-described "molecular sociologist" from Colorado College, Hana is interested in how structural violences impact folks' well-being and quality of life from the macro down to the cellular level. Now a nursing student at the University of Colorado, they aim to bring intersectional analysis and radical gender/sexuality inclusion to often conservative medical practice, and to eventually work with first-time parents through the Nurse-Family Partnership. They are grateful to be part of the CAVP family as a hotline volunteer, trainer, and board member. And because happy folks make for healthier communities, Hana enjoys making art (musical, visual, and verbal), dancin' the night away, sharing delicious food in good company, and two-wheeled transport.

Brent Otsuka

Brent Otsuka is a designer, cook, and lover of art & music.  He has lived in Colorado his whole life, but has been blessed with numerous opportunities to travel.  From his travels and experiences, he was awoken to a new world of design problems and creative solutions.  He pursued a B.A. in Interior Design and currently works at a local architectural firm.  He hopes to one day be able to implement his designs to create solutions for gender equality and universal design in public architecture.  

His first encounter with CAVP was at a CAVP Pancake Breakfast.  His partner introduced him to this fierce organization and its radical community.  At first he felt very out of place but was soon embraced by the volunteers, supporters, and staff of CAVP.  He loves the work CAVP continues to produce and has helped out with Branching Seedz of Resistance.  He became actively involved in helping BSeedz  by designing the youth’s dream space and volunteering at the Queer Youth Summit.  He is ecstatic to participate as a board member of CAVP and can’t wait to support CAVP in this new role.