What We Do

Buried Seedz Radio/Radio Semillas Enterradas

Nosotros plantamos una semilla (we have planted a seed). And with love, sunshine, water, and dedication, we watch as our seed begins to grow. Radio Semillas Enterradas/Buried Seedz Radio is a queer and trans youth media collective and podcast show. This project is a seed, meaning it is still in the beginning stages. Our goals are to: learn how to use various media equipment, share our stories, work with elders in our community by providing an outlet for their stories, document and archive our history, challenge mainstream narratives that criminalize queer and trans youth of color, and to report on local, national and international issues with a critical youth perspective. We meet saturdays from 11am to 2pm.

To register or for more information contact Maresol at: maresol@solcolorado.org. And check out our website at: http://buriedseedzradio.strikingly.com. 

Jessie Vive

Jessica Jessie Hernandez was a young and beautiful soul who was murdered by two officers of the Denver Police Department on January 26, 2015. Immediately following the incident BSEEDZ members began reaching out and connecting with people who were close to Jessie in order to channel our love and energy to the family during this most difficult time. As queer youth of color who shared many of the same identities with Jessie, we know well the experience of being profiled and criminalized for our identities. BSEEDZ commits to standing behind the family of Jessie Hernandez to honor their needs and process for seeking healing and justice by following their lead and offering support at every step. BSEEDZ held a youth-led vigil to remember Jessie at the scene of her death while some members delivered 20,000 petition signatures to the local FBI office of Denver. BSEEDZ continues attending and organizing community meetings against police violence and organizing direct support for the Jessie's family. 

For more information about our work email Cecelia K-R: cecelia@solcolorado.org

Connect to Ignite

Connect to Ignite is a weekend long retreat for queer youth to build a network of revolutionaries that catalyze movement building and mobilize communities in the region to liberate our community.

Through art, media, skill-shares, workshops and performances we come together to share the creative and innovative ways youth are involved in to create justice and shape the world around them. Over the weekend retreat Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Allied (LGBTQA) youth will network, develop leadership skills and organize a state-wide network for youth by youth to support LGBTQA youth activism across the state. The Connect to Ignite Network is a growing force that works to tear down the walls of isolation, connecting youth to each other, uplifting youth voices and building community and movements for social justice. 

For information about upcoming planning meetings visit our calendar. 

Get Yr Rights Network/ Know Your Rights

BSEEDZ is a part of a national know your rights network for LGBTQ youth that is developing KYR toolkits by and for queer young people as a response to the police and state violence that impacts our community.  

Come through to the Buried Seedz of Resistance space every 1st and 3rd Monday to work on a multi-layered toolkit to serve young people, human service providers/agencies, and educators in understanding baseline of people's rights. 

For questions or details contact Cecelia K-R: cecelia@solcolorado.org or 303-839-5204. Check our Calendar for details.

Rainbow Warriors 

Rainbow Warriors is a film project created by and for young queer and two spirit people of color to portray the resiliency our community experiences in response to the emotional and physical effects of suicide. 

Come through to the Branching Seedz of Resistance space every 1st and 3rd Wednesday to record your own story of survival and resiliency. Meeting time is also focussing on our Rainbow Warriors toolkit to serve as a discusson guide for young people and educators to reconsider how we talk about and address suicide. 

For questions or details contact Cecelia K-R: cecelia@solcolorado.org or 303-839-5204. Check our Calendar for details.

Revolutionizing a Dream (RAD) Summit/Strong Families

The RAD summit is a national gathering of youth organizers that are doing local work on issues of race, gender, and sexuality. BSEEDZ is network member of the Strong Families coalition that connected groups working with young parents, LGTBQ young people, and young people in general. BSEEDZ is in the planning committee for the annual youth convening that brings together close to 100 young people to lead workshops about identity, culture shift, and community building. 

If you would like to be involved in the planning or learn more about attending the summit contact Cecelia K-R: cecelia@solcolorado.org