Jessie Vive

Justice for Jessie Hernandez

Jessica Jessie Hernandez was a young and beautiful soul who was murdered by two officers of the Denver Police Department on January 26, 2015. Immediately following the incident BSEEDZ members began reaching out and connecting with people who were close to Jessie in order to channel our love and energy to the family during this most difficult time. As queer youth of color who shared many of the same identities with Jessie, we know well the experience of being profiled and criminalized for our identities. BSEEDZ commits to standing behind the family of Jessie Hernandez to honor their needs and process for seeking healing and justice by following their lead and offering support at every step. BSEEDZ held a youth-led vigil to remember Jessie at the scene of her death while some members delivered 20,000 petition signatures to the local FBI office of Denver. BSEEDZ continues attending and organizing community meetings against police violence and organizing direct support for the Jessie's family. 

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