TODAY: Buried Seedz of Resistance (BSeedz) reminds I-25 traffic about the killing of 17 year old Jessie Hernandez one year ago today

DENVER-- Huddles of people gathered atop the highway crossing at 20th Street and 88th Avenue over Interstate 25 (I-25) at 7:00am to pay tribute to the life of Jessie Hernandez, killed by Denver Police officers Gabriel Jordan and Daniel Greene on January 26, 2015 after shots fir

Trans on Campus: Study Identifies Barriers to and Supports for Inclusion

The Colorado Trans on Campus coalition – a coalition of transgender and ally students, staff, and faculty from a number of different institutions of higher education in Colorado – has released the final report from a qualitative research study examining barriers to full inclusion of transgender and gender non-conforming students, staff, and faculty on Colorado college and university campuses.  The report,